Our Story

In September 2003 little-known indie tunesmith Peter Doherty was sent to prison for stealing a guitar from bandmate Carl Barat. Two young Libertines' fans set about hatching a plan to bust their troubadour hero out of chokey. With minimal locksmith skills and limited criminal know-how our two upstarts decided on the next best course of action… the "Free Pete Doherty" T-shirt.

With a borrowed hundred quid and a deft design, a limited run of Free Pete T-Shirts were printed and sold in pubs around Uxbridge.  A glint of inspiration flashed across their eyes and Balcony Shirts was born.  We moved from our bedrooms into a portocabin (in a truck garage car park), to a leaky unit on Uxbridge industrial estate, to our home for almost 10 years - our much loved shop in Windsor Street, Uxbridge - just 20 seconds from Uxbridge Station.

Thanks Pete! x

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